Camp DirectorPerson smiling with elephant behind them

Jennifer Schieltz, PhD
Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Mailing address: 339 Science Hall II, 2310 Pammel Drive, Ames, Iowa 50011
Office location: 142 Science Hall II
Phone: 515-294-1453


Directions to French Camp

The French Camp is located ~ 50 miles west of Missoula, Montana at 5525 West Fork Fish Creek Road, Alberton, MT 59820

From Missoula: Take I-90 West for ~38 miles to exit 66 Fish Creek Road. You will then go 16 miles down a mostly gravel road to reach the camp. Turn left off the Exit 66 exit ramp to head South and follow Fish Creek Road for ~10 miles (becomes gravel after a couple miles). Red-colored "Conservation Education Camp" signs with arrows at the bottom will indicate which way to go at major forks in the road. Otherwise stay on the main road. At the third sign you will turn Right onto West Fork Fish Creek road and go an additional 6 miles. It is easy to know when you have reached the camp -- you will go down a short hill and see a "French Conservation Education Camp" wooden sign hanging over the entrance.

Peron beside sign for Conservation Education Camp